Mercato | Mercato – OM: A nugget of Sampaoli on the start? The answer !

Posted on October 25, 2021 at 12:45 am by The editorial staff

While it has not yet been used by Jorge Sampaoli with the OM first team, Franco Tongya could be tempted to leave Marseille at the next summer transfer window. However, according to the coach of the Olympian reserve, nothing would be decided yet for the future of Italian crack.

Arrived last winter from Juventus in exchange for Marley Aké , Franco Tongya has never had the opportunity to show his abilities with the first team of the OM . Despite a training at Juve and a passage through all the youth teams with Italy , the potential of the 19-year-old's attacking midfielder would not seem to convince Jorge Sampaoli . Which would not have failed to alert several Serie B clubs. However, for Maxence Flachez , coach of the OM reserve, Franco Tongy should stay in Marseille .

< h2> “If Franco Tongya will end the season with the reserve? For me, yes! ”

In an interview for Le Phocéen, Maxence Flachez spoke of the situation of Franco Tongya :“ He has always been with we. Afterwards, he had a little injury problem, he also left for the selection twice. He is good with us, and every day in training with us. “The Marseille coach then spoke on the future of Italian crack at OM :” If he will end the season with the reserve? For me, yes ! Afterwards, I am not in the papers. In any case, we are there to bring him the maximum, that he can express himself as best as possible, like all players. After that, what will happen will happen, that's another story and it's not for me to decide. “

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