Mercato | Mercato – OM: A protégé of Sampaoli announces the color for his future!

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Posted November 19, 2021 at 10:10 am by GdSS

Definitely recruited by OM for € 13m during the last summer transfer window, Pol Lirola is already showing a clear trend for his future and sees himself remaining a few more years within the McCourt project.

Now engaged until June 2026 with OM since his final transfer this summer (€ 13M) after a period of six months on conclusive loan under the orders of Jorge Sampaoli , Pol Lirola (24 years) seems very fulfilled within the project McCourt. And the Spanish right side of OM , despite direct competition with Valentin Rongier in the role of right piston this season, seems to be projected in this project for the future as it clearly indicates in the columns of La Provence.

“I am here for several years”

“This season, it has been a long time to sign and therefore difficult mentally and physically. The important thing is that I am settled and that I will be there for several years. I remain calm, everything will get better and better, “said Pol Lirola on his future at OM . Jorge Sampaoli can therefore be reassured.

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