Mercato | Mercato – OM: A Sampaoli player ready to slam the door?

Posted on December 5, 2021 at 2:45 am by G.d.S.S.

Totally set aside this season by Jorge Sampaoli who has also publicly granted him an exit voucher for the next transfer window, Jordan Amavi is seriously starting to wonder about his future at OM.

Despite a contract that runs until June 2024 with OM and which was extended last spring, Jordan Amavi should soon leave the Marseille club as he urged him to do Jorge Sampaoli at a press conference on Friday: “Jordan or others have the right to look for a way out. The important thing is that the player progresses, if we do not succeed maybe another team can help him. We'll see what happens with him or others during the transfer window, “said the OM coach. And Amavi seems to have received the message …

Amavi in ​​full doubt

Provence indicated in its columns on Saturday that due to its very particular situation and his very low playing time this season with 'OM (2 appearances in Ligue 1), Jordan Amavi would be perfectly aware that his future will not necessarily be part of OM . In addition, internally, some even wonder how the former Niçois could manage to “raise his head” given his current situation

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