Mercato | Mercato – OM: Frank McCourt has a plan … to sell OM!

Posted on November 19, 2021 at 5:10 pm by AM

Despite the many denials, Frank McCourt would have every intention of selling OM, but not at any price. This is the reason why the Bostonian has a clear plan.

For more than a year, the sale of OM has caused a lot of talk. And for good reason, between the duo composed by Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and Mourad Boudjellal , and the rumors surrounding Al-Walid bin Talal , the rumors are rife, but Frank McCourt does not change records and keeps repeating that he has no intention of selling. However, the American businessman would actually have a very specific plan. According to Romain Molina , the Bostonian would consider qualifying the OM for the Champions League in order to promote the club and therefore make it attractive to investors. This is also the reason why Frank McCourt decided to reinvest during the previous summer transfer window, as the journalist explains.

McCourt wants to send OM to Champions League

“OM, you have to leave it in the Champions League to sell it. So I still haven't changed my position in a year and a half. This is still the case, even not with the rest. But that's why people were saying, why OM has reinvested this summer, is that OM needs it economically. Because if you want your club to be economically attractive and get a better deal, well you need that. It's that simple. Here is what I can say, do not get carried away. After I said nothing else, that's the plan they have. And which is also logical because your club must be the highest so it's normal and good luck obviously at Olympique de Marseille at this level ”, assures Romain Molina in a Space organized on Twitter.

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