Mercato | Mercato – OM: Kamara takes a radical decision for her future!

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Posted on November 24, 2021 at 9:10 am by AM

Although OM have sent Boubacar Kamara a new extension offer, the latter does not seem very keen on the idea of ​​responding favorably.

At the end of the contract in June, Boubacar Kamara is heading for a free start at the end of the season after pushing back the advances of Newcastle and Wolverhampton this summer. Despite everything, OM does not despair of succeeding in reaching an agreement with its player. This is how, according to information from L'Equipe, Pablo Longoria sent a new offer to Boubacar Kamara leaving him the choice of the duration of the new contract, which will influence the salary. The player trained in OM will also have an exit voucher valid at any time.

Kamara does not respond to OM yet

Despite everything, Boubacar Kamara would not be keen on the idea of ​​extending. According to L'Equipe, the player trained at OM has not yet responded to the proposal made by Pablo Longoria and there is absolutely no guarantee that 'he accepts. And for good reason, Boubacar Kamara is aware that his status as a free player will attract several clubs and from January 1, he will even be authorized to accept the offer of his choice in order to engage freely for another club next season. Time is therefore playing in favor of Kamara who is therefore in no hurry to respond to the offer of OM .

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