Mercato | Mercato – OM: Longoria hit hard for Cédric Bakambu!

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Posted on January 12, 2022 at 10:10 am by AD

Free from any contract, Cédric Bakambu would be on the verge of signing up for two seasons with OM. Pablo Longoria would have managed to beat the competition of Sevilla FC because he would have offered a juicy and longer contract to the player.

To strengthen the attack of Jorge Sampaoli, Pablo Longoria would like bet on Cédric Bakambu. Currently free of any contract, the 30-year-old striker would have alerted the president of OM . To believe the latest indiscretions of L'Equipe, Pablo Longoria has already done what is necessary to complete this case. As reported by the French media, Cédric Bakambu is reportedly in the process of signing for OM for the next two seasons. And to win the bet, the Marseille club would have preceded Sevilla FC.

Pablo Longoria put the package for Cédric Bakambu

This Wednesday, The Equipe has added a layer to the soap opera Bakambu. According to the French media, the 30-year-old striker should not escape OM , unless 'a huge turnaround or concern during the medical visit. Cédric Bakambu should therefore initial a two-season lease with OM . And to convince the former Beijing Guoan, Pablo Longoria would have used great means. While Sevilla FC would have offered a 6-month contract to Cédric Bakambu, the president of OM would have made the player fold thanks to his longer proposal, with a “comfortable salary”.

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