Mercato | Mercato – OM: Longoria missed a very nice shot!

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Posted January 11, 2022 at 1:45 am by AC

Olympique de Marseille find themselves a little helpless in some positions and this is the case for the right-back, as Pol Lirola is the only one at the club at the moment. However, Pablo Longoria could have found a player to support him …

Very efficient during his loan last season, Pol Lirola finally returned to the Olympique de Marseille , even if Fiorentina did everything to retain him. Yet he was not the only right-back tracked by Pablo Longoria, who saw Hiroki Sakai packing his bags during the last summer transfer window. The president of the OM indeed seemed determined to recruit Daniel Wass, so that he could come to compete or support Lirola. Finally, the Danish international did not budge from FC Valencia , while his contract ends in just a few months.

Valence derailed Wass's arrival at OM

This Monday, MARCA reminds us that Olympique de Marseille was the hottest track last summer, with Daniel Wass who would have even asked his leaders to let him go to join Jorge Sampaoli. According to the daily information, the leaders of FC Valence would have blocked this departure and would have offered a contract extension to the Dane … who still has not responded! His intention would still be to leave Valencia at the end of the season, but OM would no longer really be in his fate. In Spain, several sources announce a merger between Wass and Atlético de Madrid .

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