Mercato | Mercato – OM: Longoria will have a big card to play with William Saliba!

Posted on November 27, 2021 at 4:00 am by TM

If William Saliba is currently on loan from Arsenal to OM, Pablo Longoria could well have an opening to keep the Frenchman, although he has no 'Purchase option.

Still not in the plans of Mikel Arteta, William Saliba had to go into exile again to have playing time. Having put down his suitcases at OM , the Frenchman is particularly to his advantage. And faced with these performances, the question of the future of Saliba arises. Where will he play next season? On loan from the Gunners, the Sampaoli player does not have a buyout option, however. So if Pablo Longoria wants to keep him, it will be necessary to negotiate with Arsenal , who, according to the latest rumors from England, are planning the future with William Saliba.

“Difficult to envision a long-term future for Saliba in the Gunners”

However, according to Tom Williams , the OM could see the door open for William Saliba as it could be difficult for him to get a place at Arsenal . “If Arsenal keep up the momentum and Ben White and Gabriel settle more into the starting XI, it will be very difficult for Saliba to win in this team, however he plays. If he can keep up the momentum and Marseille are having a good season, I'm sure they would like to keep him, and if he enjoyed his time at the club, maybe he will want to stay. The fact that there is this competition at Arsenal, added to the fact that Arteta clearly didn't like him initially, even though he's now getting used to the idea of ​​finding a place for him, it makes it hard to envision a long-term future for Saliba at the Gunners, ”he told Sky Sports. To see if this situation will benefit OM .

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