Mercato | Mercato – OM: OM let loose on the Alvaro Gonzalez case!

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Posted on January 10, 2022 at 8:45 p.m. by BC

While Alvaro Gonzalez is courted by FC Valencia, several OM sources say the Spanish club have not taken action on the matter.

Lacking playing time at OM , Alvaro Gonzalez could decide to change clubs this winter, while Pablo Longoria is precisely trying to separate from several players. The Spanish defender has several tracks in League 1 , in particular on the side of the ASSE and Bordeaux , but his preference would go for Liga , where FC Valence would be interested. According to RMC, Alvaro Gonzalez would not be indifferent to the interests of club che, but no discussion has yet been initiated between the two clubs.

No contact between OM and Valencia

If the Alvaro Gonzalez clan would already discuss with FC Valencia , this would not yet be the case between the Spanish club and OM according to RMC. Phocean sources say in effect this Monday evening that no contact has yet taken place in this case, although this could quickly evolve since OM intends to separate from certain players in order to be able to show active in the market then. For example, a loan with an option to buy could be suitable for Pablo Longoria .

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