Mercato | Mercato – OM: Pablo Longoria is preparing a big blow for this winter!

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Posted on 9 November 2021 at 5:30 am by TM

After blowing up the summer transfer window, Pablo Longoria still intends to strengthen OM this winter. And for that, the Marseille president already seems to have some ideas in mind.

This summer gave the real kick-off for Frank McCourt 's new project at OM with Pablo Longoria and Jorge Sampaoli . On the sidelines, the Argentine took advantage of the offseason to build a squad in his image and his chairman helped him a lot. Longoria struggled and ended up bringing in about ten recruits to the Canebière. The squad of OM has thus been completely turned upside down, but despite these numerous reinforcements, Sampaoli is still asking for more, considering that there are still some shortcomings.

A future at OM for Alexis Sanchez?

In January, it should therefore move again at OM . It remains to be seen who will Pablo Longoria turn to. One of the answers could be found on the side of Inter Milan . Well known to Jorge Sampaoli , Alexis Sanchez is currently struggling in Lombardy. He could therefore come back to La Canebière and give a helping hand in attack. In any case, it would move in that direction. Indeed, on his Youtube channel, Thibaud Vézirian explained that there were serious discussions with Alexis Sanchez. To be continued…

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