Mercato | Mercato – OM: Sampaoli, Deschamps… Payet sends strong messages for his end of career!

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Posted on 19 November 2021 at 3:30 p.m. by GdSS

Always so essential to OM and while he is having a very good season on a personal level, Dimitri Payet continues to set high goals for his end of career. And the number 10 Marseille has not drawn a line on the France team either…

While he is one of the great symbols of the era McCourt at OM since his return in January 2017 for € 30M, the biggest transfer in the history of the Marseille club, Dimitri Payet (34 years old) remains an essential element of the eleven of Jorge Sampaoli. The number 10 tricolor, who has recorded 6 goals and 4 assists since the start of the season in Ligue 1, also confided this Friday in a press conference on his state of form: “I am in a rather interesting period. . It is one of the best of my career. There is a bit of everything, experience, also being at the heart of the system by touching a lot of balloons, which I like, ”says Payet , who seems very fulfilled. under the orders of Sampaoli at OM : “I'm trying to give him back the confidence and the second youth he gave me. He understood how I worked. We didn't speak 40 times, but it was enough to build trust. He has a warm character, but he knows what he wants, he knows how he wants to make us play ”. And inevitably, this situation shows a positive trend for the future of Payet .

Payet still far from retirement

Number 10 of the < strong> OM spoke of his end of career when his contract runs until June 2024, and he does not seem to be considering hanging up his crampons: “The notion of pleasure is the most important for me, but you have to pay more attention to the body because you has a frenetic pace of matches. I know I may not be able to play every game but we have to do the maximum. There is no secret, apart from taking care of your body. As long as I can give, that I can evolve at a certain level, I do not want to stop. I am 34 years old, but I feel far from the end of my career ”, indicates Dimitri Payet . The results of the OM therefore remain his top priority, but what about the France team ?

“I don't 've not drawn a line on the Blues ”

Here again, Payet wants to be very ambitious on a personal level and sent a clear message to Didier Deschamps : “I didn't draw a line. I have said it before, as soon as I feel that I have a level that can allow me to play at the international level, it will stay in the back of my mind. But we have a coach who makes his choices and we see that we have very good players in this sector, so the places are expensive. But when you have tasted the Blues, you keep them in the back of your mind ”. The message got through…

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