Mercato | Mercato – OM: Should Frank McCourt sell OM?

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Posted on 30 November 2021 at 8:00 am by La Rédaction

Rumors and testimonies have been swirling around the press for a long time now regarding the possible takeover of OM. Owner of the Marseille club, Frank McCourt stands firm and refuses to give up Olympique de Marseille as he has repeatedly assured. Nonetheless, the matter is being discussed internally, according to information from Should McCourt review his copy? This is our poll of the day!

“If I'm going to own OM when the Saudis have been said to be interested in OM? I've said it many times, I'm not going anywhere. I love OM, I love Marseille. And the team is playing very well. Now I think we've hit our stride, we're building a club that can really win and that's my goal. These are rumors that are disseminated by social networks. This is pure disinformation spreading on social media that the club is for sale. I've said it 10, 12 times: the club is not for sale. I am here, I am the owner of the club ”. Here is the clear message that Frank McCourt was sending to France 24 in mid-November, once again brushing aside rumors about a possible sale of l 'OM. In recent months, there has been public talk of a takeover of OM through Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and Mourad Boudjellal . This project ultimately came to nothing. However, the journalist Thibaud Vérizian sticking to it and delivered the following message to his Twitch channel. “I have the proof, I have transfers, contracts, my sources haven't lied to me, I have confirmations every week. Very, very high-level sources, senior officials, lawyers. I have no problem there. I don't have a date to give but you can rest easy… ”.

The subject of a sale is discussed, but McCourt doesn't flinch!

So what to think about it? addressed the matter on Monday. And according to our exclusive information, the subject of a sale has indeed been discussed lately in… Dubai. Indeed, a summit meeting took place in the United Arab Emirates with on the agenda: a potential sale of OM ! Frank McCourt still sticks to his positions and refuses to give up the Olympique de Marseille . Nevertheless, the American businessman is clearly not against the discussions and is even listening to various concrete proposals that the Marseille club is the subject of and has been the subject of in the past. For the moment, no project seems to appeal to McCourt .

But do you think Frank McCourt should eventually plan to sell OM?

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