Mercato | Mercato – OM: Terrible news is coming out for McCourt's finances!

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Posted on 2 December 2021 at 2:15 am by GdSS

Under contract until next June with OM, Boubacar Kamara could well go free at the end of the season without earning a single penny for his training club. And this trend seems to be confirmed …

“My representatives are handling all of this, but it is confidential. It's not for me to express myself on that (…) When I have made my decision I will be the first to say it. Have I made a decision? I am still thinking ”, indicated recently Boubacar Kamara at a press conference about his very uncertain future with OM where he is coming to the end of his contract. Moreover, according to the latest trends, the young defensive midfielder would have rejected the latest extension offers made by Pablo Longoria , and the management of OM may fear the worst in this case.

Kamara should go free

Indeed, as revealed on Wednesday, AC Milan would be more than never in the race to get Boubacar Kamara for free next summer, just like Juventus . A list of prestigious courtiers which should clearly encourage the young OM player to go free in the summer of 2022, and this free departure would be a big shortfall for the finances of < strong> Frank McCourt given that Kamara has one of the highest market values ​​in the workforce.

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