Mercato | Mercato – OM: The verdict is in for ASSE with Alvaro Gonzalez!

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Posted January 11, 2022 at 2:15 am by GdSS

Announced with insistence in Pascal Dupraz's viewfinder at ASSE, Alvaro Gonzalez will ultimately not be ceded so easily by OM this winter.

Last week, < strong> Pascal Dupraz dropped a small bomb at the microphone of France Bleu Saint-Etienne, showing his interest in Alvaro Gonzalez , the Spanish central defender of OM : “It is a track mentioned by the recruitment unit. If OM are willing to take charge of their salary and the player is willing to come to us, we welcome them! “Said the ASSE coach. But in the end, Dupraz might find it difficult to dislodge Alvaro from OM

Sampaoli is reluctant to cede Alvaro Gonzalez

As La Provence announced on Monday, Jorge Sampaoli would not be willing to let Alvaro Gonzalez go this winter without having the opportunity to replace him on the transfer market, especially since he has already seen Jordan Amavi leave on loan to OGC Nice . Not sure that ASSE will therefore achieve its ends with the central defender of OM .

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