Mercato | Mercato – OM: Vezirian drops a new bomb on the sale of the club!

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Posted on January 11, 2022 at 3:30 am by AM

As every time he is invited to comment on the sale of OM, Thibaud Vézirian assures us that Frank McCourt sold his shares last February.

It's almost a year since Thibaud Vézirian dropped its bombshell on the sale of the OM . Indeed, in February 2021, the journalist assured that Frank McCourt had sold his shares in Marseille to the company of Al-Walid bin Talal . The formalization was to be imminent, but the Bostonian has always strongly denied the rumors of sale and continues his work at the OM club of which he still owns. Despite this, Thibaud Vézirian continues to assert that Frank McCourt did indeed sign the documents for the sale of the OM .

“It's the end of McCourt, already, since last February, it's signed”

“McCourt Europe is for new SEO activities … No it's not SEO. This is all that is environmental, for companies. What is internet and environmental, for McCourt, who is therefore launching new activities after his departure from Marseille. That must be put in place legally. It has to be put in place at the corporate level. There is the very friendly “PMS” on Twitter who did some good research on this too. He is right. In fact, McCourt took over Eric Soccer, he paid off debts, through the sale. And so he will be able to leave by changing the name with McCourt Europe with the same company. It keeps him from paying capital gains taxes, on things like that. We are getting into the very technical. He just switched the company, he modified the statutes by programming new activities in it. It's pretty straightforward. McCourt Europe equals McCourt's end to OM? Yes. It is the end of McCourt, already, since last February, it is signed. Then we wait for the formalization. Of course McCourt Europe has nothing to do with OM. That, we are sure … “, he assures on YouTube.

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