Mercato | Mercato – OM: What should Boubacar Kamara do for his future?

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Posted on November 29, 2021 at 8:00 am by La Rédaction

While he has reportedly rejected multiple offers made by OM management, Boubacar Kamara is still not ruling out a contract extension. However, interests would multiply on the market and big names in European football would be in line to welcome the young boy from Marseille? What should Kamara's decision be? This is our poll of the day!

At the end of the current season, Boubacar Kamara may have to leave OM since his contract with the Marseille club will expire on June 30. As it stands, all possibilities could be explored if the information disclosed by Foot Mercato is to be believed. While the OM leadership was excited about the idea of ​​a Kamara transferDuring the last summer transfer window in order to avoid losing the marseille kid without being able to replenish its funds next summer, the situation would have changed now as a contract extension is in the cards. To date, the Olympique de Marseille would have sent no less than four offers to the Boubacar Kamara clan for the latter to renew its lease, but all would have been rejected. The situation would be as follows: Kamara is at odds with its president Pablo Longoria , and this would also be the reason why he decided at the last minute not to appear at a press conference on Friday after his coach Jorge Sampaoli who did not did not start Sunday night against ESTAC ( 1-0). Enough to put an end to OM's hopes of extending Kamara ? Not really, since although they are minimal, the chances of the Olympique de Marseille to reach an agreement with the entourage of the Marseille minot would remain credible to this day. Although a departure is much more plausible.

Kamara would be spoiled for choice!

Recently, there has been talk of a keen interest from Milan AC for Boubacar Kamara . A winter offensive would even be a possibility, as the transalpine press recently claimed. However, according to Foot Mercato, FC Barcelona are in line to welcome the international hopeful tricolor free of any contract at the end of the season. Same story for Bayern Munich who also plan to win the bet without paying any transfer fee to OM at the end of the season. Kamara is reportedly keeping the Premier League option in the back of his mind while Newcastle is still interested in his services, as was the last summer transfer window.

But what must be Boubacar Kamara's decision for his future?

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