Mercato | Mercato – PSG: An imminent arrival to be expected for Zidane? The answer

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Posted November 26, 2021 at 12:15 am by The editorial staff

Certain elements allow to draw clear perspectives around an arrival in the fall of Zidane on the bench of PSG. Explanation.

In its Wednesday edition, the British daily The Telegraph claims that Manchester United would have shown in recent hours an interest in Ernesto Valverde within the framework of the succession of Solskjaer , but that this would not change anything in the Pochettino file, the board of MU considering that it would perhaps be necessary to recruit an interim coach while waiting for the end of the season, when he it will be easier to sign a priority track. And this Thursday, the name of Ralf Rangnick is mentioned with insistence.

IF MU renounces a short-term arrival of Pochettino…

If this information is correct, so she tends to confirm the fact that within the staff of the Red Devils, we are on the way to giving up a short-term signing of Pochettino . In turn, it is then possible to also deduce that an arrival of Zidane in the fall on the sidelines of PSG is not looming.

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