Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Announced to Manchester United, Pochettino lets loose on his future!

Posted on 23 November 2021 at 7:30 p.m. by TM

As PSG prepares to face Manchester City in the Champions League, Mauricio Pochettino's future is at the center of all the rumors . Obviously, at a press conference, the Argentinian could not escape these questions.

There are many rumors currently concerning the coach of PSG . If Mauricio Pochettino is in office and on contract until 2023, he might not stay very long. Indeed, after thanking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United have reportedly made the Argentine their priority to come and sit on the sidelines. And at the same time, it is Zinedine Zidane who is emphatically announced to PSG to take up the torch. Faced with these rumors, we were therefore awaiting the explanations of Pochettino and they arrived this Tuesday before the meeting against Manchester City . First, at RMC's microphone, the Murphy's native assured: “I'm fine in Paris. I know well, all my life as a player or a coach, I have lived through this kind of situation. Things are happening, it's not my responsibility. What I'm going to say if you ask me, I'm happy in Paris ”.

“It's not debatable, I'm happy in Paris”

Then passing through a press conference, Mauricio Pochettino then saw the questions multiply concerning his future at PSG and the rumors announcing him to Manchester United . The Argentinian was then very vocal about it, making it clear that he has no plans to leave PSG . “Stay in Paris this season? I thought I was clear. I said I have a contract for 2023. This season and next. I'm happy at PSG. It's a fact. It is not debatable, I am happy in Paris ”, explained in particular Pochettino . “On my situation, I am focused on football. I am not a child. I've spent my whole life as a player and coach with rumors. I understand what happens sometimes in the positive, sometimes in the negative. It's not a distraction, you have to live with it's football. We are focused. We will give everything to do our best. We encourage the players and on Wednesday we will be focused to get the best possible result. (…) Manchester United ? We're not here to talk about it. I respect my club, PSG. What the other club does is none of my concern. I'm not going to comment on it because everything I say or not will be used. When I was at Espanyol I said I wanted to get to know Sir Alex. If I say it again, it will be resumed. I am happy in Paris. I love the club, I love the supporters. It's wonderful to be at PSG. We have a point lead in L1 and we face City. (…) Football is today and not tomorrow. In football only the results count. Two years ago I left Tottenham and a month before he had rumors. You have to live in the present. You have to think that I will stay for life, where I am today. But it all depends on the results in football. For the future, we must build our way of playing, have fun and have good results. If we're here, it's because we've won games, “added the PSG coach.

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