Mercato | Mercato: PSG, Barcelona… Ousmane Dembélé fixed on his destination in case of departure?

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Posted on January 11, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. by G.d.S.S.

At the end of his contract with FC Barcelona, ​​Ousmane Dembélé continues more than ever his negotiations behind the scenes with the management of the Catalan club who have not given up on the idea of ​​extending it, far from it. But in case of departure, the French striker should take the direction of England…

Just like Kylian Mbappé at PSG , Ousmane Dembélé will come to the end of his contract in Barcelona next June, and various options are being discussed for the future of the 24-year-old French forward. If the Spanish press had cast a serious chill on the progress of negotiations between the two parties at the end of 2021, it seems that the discussions have started again in recent weeks, and Xavi took a position on the Dembélé caseat a press conference a few days ago: “Whatever happens with his future, he will continue to be an important player for us”, clearly indicated the coach of FC Barcelona .

Barça is fixed on the conditions of Dembélé

In its columns of the day, L'Equipe devotes a large file behind the scenes of the soap opera Ousmane Dembélé and ensures that Xavi He is still as determined to complete his contract extension as quickly as possible, wishing to make the former Rennais his attacking leader for years to come. According to the sports daily, the financial conditions set by the Dembélé clan would be clear: a signing bonus of € 40M + a gross annual salary of € 40M, as well as a sports project suitable for Dembélé . And according to a close source, the player’s entourage would be rather “at peace” as to the outcome of these behind-the-scenes negotiations. However, the contenders are there for Ousmane Dembélé

PSG is out of the race, but…

L'Equipe indicates that the < strong>PSG , after careful consideration, would have finally decided to withdraw from the race for the free signature of Ousmane Dembél é, even if the departure of Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid already seems to be registered for next summer, as indicated to you last week. Another contender announced recently: the Bayern Munic h, but with the overtime act of Kingsley Coman , again this option has taken a serious chill. On the other hand, the sports daily ensures that Dembélé keeps an intact rating among the cadors of the Premier League, and in particular on the side of Chelsea where Thomas Tuche He particularly appreciates his profile since their collaboration with Borussia Dortmund . England should therefore be its logical base if Dembélé cannot reach an agreement with FC Barcelona e.

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