Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Fofana, Paqueta… Leonardo is wrong in his recruitment!

Posted on January 12, 2022 at 5:30 am by TM

While Lucas Paqueta will be one of Leonardo's priorities at PSG, Pierre Ménès believes that other profiles should be recruited.

A home and away goalscorer against PSG, Lucas Paqueta has proven that he is one of the best players in the French league. A talent which today makes the happiness of the OL , but it might not last. Indeed, the Brazilian could leave at the end of the season and in recent days, it has been particularly question of an interest of PSG and Leonardo , he who is a big fan of Paqueta.

“What need does the PSG have to take Paqueta? “

On his blog, Pierre Ménès reacted to this announced interest of PSG for Lucas Paqueta . And for him, the club of the capital would be better to recruit other players like in particular a certain Seko Fofana . “You can see that this is a wonderfully well organized club commercially and marketing, but at the club level there are squad building concerns, because it's too bling-bling. There are players who could see who should be at PSG and who aren't because they aren't bling-bling enough. The prime example is Seko Fofana. Seko Fofana at the moment, he devours all circles of PSG on his own. PSG, there we see that they are sure Paqueta. But what need does PSG have to take Paqueta? While you already have Neymar, Messi, Di Maria. You can only play with forwards. This is a bit of the bling-bling problem. You want glitter. At some point, PSG will have to recruit darker more defensive players and that may be a problem with the functioning of the club, “he explained. To see if the PSG will follow this path.

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