Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Javier Pastore lets go of his truths about the discomfort Lionel Messi!

Posted on November 2, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. by Arthur Montagne

While Lionel Messi is having a slow start at PSG, Javier Pastore is not worried about the integration of La Pulga in Paris.

This summer, the PSG decided to jump at the opportunity that presented itself with Lionel Messi. Indeed, while FC Barcelona was unable to extend his number 10's contract, the Parisian club lured free La Pulga by signing him on a two-season lease, with an optional extra. However, Lionel Messi 's debut at PSG did not fully meet expectations. And for good reason, the new Parisian number 30 is still silent in Ligue 1 which may seem completely crazy. Certainly, with his three goals in Champions League , Lionel Messi has caught up well, but it is still far from meeting the expectations aroused by PSG . It must be said that this is the first time in his career that the Argentine has left Catalonia. Therefore, Javier Pastore is not particularly worried. “It's normal that this change is difficult, especially since it's his first. I had already gone from Argentina to Italy and then from Italy to France, which is quite new for him, “said El Flaco in an interview with beIN SPORTS.

Pastore steps up for Messi

The former number 27 of PSG knows well Lionel Messi and justifies his current difficulties: “They are new people, a championship he did not know, opponents he had never met. It's normal that it takes a few months to adjust, but it has quality. In the Champions League, he always shows that he is present because he knows players that he has already faced many times. Maybe that's why he has yet to score in France or find his place in the squad. But he will find his place in the team. During the second part of the season, we will see the real Messi. “It will therefore be necessary to be a little patient for Lionel Messi to take his marks at PSG . But for Javier Pastore , “it's fantastic” to see evolve under the Parisian colors. “No one believed Messi could get to PSG. Now we have him in our club and it's fantastic. I wanted the championship to start as soon as he arrived, because I wanted to quickly see him play with PSG in Ligue 1. It's great. The team started the championship very well, they are already 8 points ahead of the runner-up. With each passing month, he will find more of his place in the team and he will do everything he has done in his entire career, “he concludes.

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