Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Leonardo has his hands tied for Sergio Ramos!

Posted on November 1, 2021 at 5.30 p.m. by HG

While it was announced that PSG could end up terminating Sergio Ramos' contract, the capital club would in reality simply not be in a position to do so.

< p> Arrived this summer at Paris Saint-Germain after the end of his contract at Real Madrid , Sergio Ramos has still not been able to play a single minute of play with the club from the French capital. Braked by calf concerns, the 35-year-old defender is not even able to train with the group and therefore still works alone without a specific return date with the group being given by the < strong> PSG . What if Leonardo This Friday was reassuring about his case, with reports in the press saying the opposite, explaining that concerns are starting to rise within the Parisian team. So much so that Le Parisien advances this Monday that the hypothesis of a termination of Sergio Ramos' contract no longer belongs to the field of science fiction, even if it would not yet be on the agenda.

PSG can hardly break Sergio Ramos' contract according to FIFA rules

Nevertheless, Mundo Deportivo explains that PSG may find it difficult to come to such extremes for legal reasons. Indeed, the FIFA rules allow Sergio Ramos to be protected because he is in the so-called “protection” period, as stated in the article of 17 of the Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players . This article specifically states that PSG will have to pay compensation if they terminate the lease of Sergio Ramos : “The party who terminates the contract is required to pay compensation. Subject to the provisions relating to training compensation in art. 20 and in appendix 4, and unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, the compensation for non-performance is calculated taking into account national law, the characteristics of the sport and other objective criteria ”. This compensation is fixed according to “the remuneration and other benefits due to the player under the existing contract or the new contract, the remaining contractual term, up to a maximum of five years, the costs and expenses paid by the player. former club (amortized over the term of the contract), as well as whether the termination of the contract takes place during a protected period ”.

This period of protection is crucial in the analysis of the situation. This protects the players during the first three years of their link with their club and, if the latter decides to terminate the contract at that time, he is then liable to a sanction in addition to the compensation to be paid. . “In addition to the obligation to pay compensation, sports sanctions must be imposed on the club which terminates a contract during the protected period or which prompted the termination of a contract”, specifies the regulation. It would therefore absolutely be necessary to have the approval of Sergio Ramos – which is not the case as it stands as indicated by the player's entourage at Mundo Deportivo – in order to avoid this heavy penalty. Indeed, according to the regulations, this would entail the prohibition “of registering new players, both nationally and internationally, for two complete and consecutive registration periods; the club will only be able to register new players, both nationally and internationally, from the next registration period following the full completion of the respective sporting sanction ”. In short, that is to say that a termination of the contract of Sergio Ramos still appears remote and unlikely under such conditions.

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