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Posted on January 7, 2022 at 6:15 am by Th.B.

PSG are said to be interested in Lucas Paqueta's profile in the context of a potential transfer. However, for Jérôme Rothen, Leonardo and the sports management of Paris Saint-Germain should not give Paqueta a try.

Sports director of PSG , Leonardo seems to be interested in the profile of Lucas Paqueta that shines with the OL . What to give ideas to Newcastle , which passed under the Saudi flag last October and which intends in particular to remain in the Premier League by carrying out an XXL winter transfer window. recently unveiled an offer of 40M € from the Magpies. However, the OL decided not to proceed after Lucas Paqueta refused. The PSG Will he have more chances with the Brazilian international and compatriot of Neymar ? According to L'Équipe, PSG would be in the running, however, Paris Saint Germain should not follow in the footsteps of the attacking midfielder of the 'OL according to the former icon of the club of the capital, namely Jérôme Rothen .

“The workforce is consistent. What needs to be established as quickly as possible is respect for the coach “

“The basis is not to recruit. The workforce is consistent. What needs to be established as quickly as possible is respect for the coach. PSG are right to think of good players, no worries. But I think that before you think of Paqueta, you have to think of something else. Already creating a collective because that is the problem for PSG. When you put yourself on Paqueta in the middle of the season, it is also not to put your finger where it hurts, where the problems are for PSG. PSG don't need a number 10, because I agree with Juninho, it's not a number 9. Then there is the mentality. This is not to insult the Brazilians or the Argentines, but there is a balance to be had. You are going to add a player who is Brazilian, who is close to Neymar, who takes his example. On the pitch, why not, even if they have opposing styles, but if he also takes an example from his healthy lifestyle, we are in a bad way “. Jerome Rothen said on RMC for Rothen Flames.

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