Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Leonardo will play it all for all with Erling Haaland!

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Posted on October 29, 2021 at 3:45 p.m. by HG

While Erling Haaland's priority would be to join Real Madrid next summer, PSG would not have the slightest intention of slackening their efforts on the matter.

While Kylian Mbappé will expire at the end of the season and his free start is looming, PSG has no choice but to work on his succession. And with this in mind, the capital club decided to look at the profile of Erling Haaland as told you last August. Problem, according to information released by AS on Friday, the Norwegian international would rather be in favor of the idea of ​​a transfer to Real Madrid and would have already communicated the matter to his agent < strong> Mino Raiola .

PSG will do their best for Erling Haaland!

Only here it is, it does not mean that PSG would plan to lower their arms, on the contrary. Indeed, AS goes on to indicate that the Parisian club will do their utmost to enlist the Norwegian international if Kylian Mbappé ends well at Real Madrid . In addition, the Spanish media indicates that Mino Raiola has a great influence on his players, and Erling Haaland could be no exception to the rule. Therefore, if he decides to place him at PSG , it could be that the Italian-Dutch agent is persuasive enough to convince the native of Leeds…

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