Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Marquinhos makes a major outing on Sergio Ramos!

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Posted October 24, 2021 at 7.15 am by BC

While Sergio Ramos' debut at PSG is long overdue, Marquinhos is already under the spell of the Spanish defender.

Free after the announcement of his departure from Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos has chosen PSG for the end of his European career. Despite the Spaniard's enormous experience, this operation so far appears to be a flop for the capital club, which has still not been able to field the former captain of Real Madrid because of his physical problems. Something to raise big doubts in the capital, but for his part, Marquinhos shows himself under the spell of Sergio Ramos and remains confident for the future.

“We can see that he is still hungry”

“The integration of Sergio Ramos? That's great ! Although he has won everything and is building on an exceptional career, you can see that he is still hungry. He has that character that makes champions, he shows that he wants to be part of the quest for the goals that we set for himself. Unfortunately, he is not yet on the ground with us, where affinities are created, where we gain common experience. But it will come, ”explains Marquinhos , in remarks granted to the Parisian.

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