Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Mauricio Pochettino rushes into the wall in this sensitive issue!

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Posted on December 4, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. by Hadrien Grenier

While the young people of PSG are asking for playing time to stay within their training club, Mauricio Pochettino simply seems unable to grant them any.

The issue of youth management has been a sensitive subject since this start of the season at Paris Saint-Germain. Two boys in particular focus attention, namely Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut . The two 18-year-old midfielders float with the Parisian club's U19s, both every weekend and in the Youth League . As a result, many observers are campaigning for them to be granted playing time in the first team, especially in the face of the lack of technical quality and creativity in the Parisian midfield in the absence of Marco Verratti . At the same time, Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut make these minutes of play a sine qua non issue to stay within PSG long-term. At the end of the contract on June 30, the first city could simply go away freely and would like to extend on the sole condition that the Ile-de-France club have a clear plan with him. For his part, Edouard Michut was linked to his training team until 2025 last summer, but he would already regret his choice in the face of the lack of opportunities and would even think of leaving this winter to go scratch some minutes elsewhere if we are to believe the information recently unveiled by Le Parisien. The stakes are therefore high for Mauricio Pochettino . The Argentine coach absolutely must give them minutes to convince them that their future can indeed be written in Paris . But here it is, it is clear that he does not succeed, and this even when there are many absences in his workforce.

Mauricio Pochettino does not manage to bring up the young people

The last two meetings of PSG have shown this. Facing AS Saint-Etienne Last Sunday, Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut were called up to the squad, but they did not play a single second of the game under the snow in Saint-Etienne. The first city spent the entire game on the bench, while the second was even sent to the stands. Rebelote Wednesday for Edouard Michut against OGC Nice , Xavi Simons this time not having been retained in the group. Substitute at kick-off, the French midfielder simply did not come into play. And while PSG face RC Lens this Saturday evening, neither of the two men were only retained in the group. Worse, while Marco Verratti and Georginio Wijnaldum returned to training this week, Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut did not even train with the professional group this Friday. They are not alone, since Ismaël Gharbi was also sidelined for this meeting against the northern club, he who must find an agreement with his management before June 30 for a first professional contract in order to stay in Paris .

Finally, the only titi present against Lens will be Eric Junior Dina Ebimbe He is also considering leaving the club this winter as he feels he is running out of playing time – even if he at least has the chance to play more than the others. Sign of fate or not, the PSG will cross the road of Arnaud Kalimuendo this Saturday evening, the 19-year-old striker whom he once again loaned to the RC Lens this summer and who made a very interesting start to the season with the Sang et Or (four goals in 667 minutes of play). And meanwhile, the youngsters of PSG will have the opportunity to get even more impatient when they are determined to play to stay. In his defense, Mauricio Pochettino admitted a few weeks ago that his group was simply too large to allow him to include young shoots, then refusing to leave professional players in his group to integrate youth. But not to say that the titis are frankly convinced and that they do not look, more than ever, elsewhere than in PSG , in search of a place where the grass will be greener.

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