Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Mino Raiola sets his conditions for Xavi Simons!

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Posted on 9 November 2021 at 8:30 p.m. by Hadrien Grenier

While Xavi Simons' contract with PSG will expire on June 30, Mino Raiola would have set a very clear condition to accept an extension of his client within the club in the capital.

It is always very difficult for a youngster from the training center of a big club to win in their first team. This is even more true at Paris Saint-Germain, which has led many young shoots from the Parisian team to go into exile to go scratch playing time elsewhere. And that could happen to Xavi Simons at the end of the season. Indeed, it's June 30 that his contract will expire at PSG and, for the moment, there is no indication that he will sign an extension of his lease. At the same time, despite the fact that he is flying over the matches with the Parisian team's U19s, the young Dutchman who arrived in 2019 from FC Barcelona is still not given time. of play by Mauricio Pochettino .

Mino Raiola wants to be sure that Xavi Simons will have a place at PSG

And this is where the problem would lie for the extension of his contract if we are to believe the echoes unveiled by Fabrizio Romano on his Twitter account. The Italian journalist actually explains that if PSG does indeed offer an extension to Xavi Simons Since last June, the player and his agent have yet to agree on anything and therefore have not signed anything. The reason would be simple: Mino Raiola would like to make sure that his client will have an opportunity to integrate the first team of PSG before letting him commit to the long term with residents of the Parc des Princes . If not, then the famous Italian-Dutch agent will be looking for a new club that can give him those precious minutes for his progress. The whole question now is whether PSG will manage to offer him a place, something that Mauricio Pochettino said was not able to guarantee him as it is. < br>
“Is there an explanation? Yes, there is an explanation: we have 33 pro players in the workforce. Young players need to show off, it's not ideal to train with the pro squad during the week and on weekends to stay home and play playstation. They need competition, that's why I leave it at the disposal of the other teams. My staff and I have always liked to use young people. But a youngster doesn't just need space, he has to feel that he can play, that he has this option. Otherwise the initial motivation can quickly turn into frustration. And instead of a progression, we are witnessing a regression. Playing with young people makes him feel important, and there he can continue to improve. Our past work speaks for itself, it's not just words. We would like to be able to count on these young people in the future. But it is a problem of the structure, which makes it difficult for these young people to find a place, ”assured the Parisian coach last Friday at a press conference on the eve of the trip to Bordeaux . To be continued, therefore, but this declaration is not likely to help Xavi Simons and Mino Raiola to lean in favor of a renewal of his commitment.

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