Mercato | Mercato – PSG: New revelation on the future of Xavi Simons!

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Posted on November 24, 2021 at 11:45 p.m. by TM

Today at PSG, however, Xavi Simons is in his last year of contract. And for the moment, an extension would clearly not be easy for the Dutchman.

Now the PSG is again bothered with the management of its young talents. Despite all the efforts of Leonardo to try to stem the exodus, it could well continue in the months to come. And several hot issues are to be raised at PSG . This is particularly true for Xavi Simons. While the capital club had achieved a nice blow by recovering one of the hopes of the training center of FC Barcelona , the Dutchman never really had his chance with the first team of the PSG . And when it comes to negotiating a contract extension, that weighs in the balance.

Xavi Simons is in no rush!

Indeed, Xavi Simons is currently at the end of the contract. His future is at the center of all the rumors. If PSG tries to extend it to keep it, a free start is mentioned, in particular to return to FC Barcelona . And the idea of ​​seeing the Dutchman go for € 0 at the end of the season is clearly not to be ruled out, far from it. Indeed, as Le Parisien explained, Xavi Simons would not be in any rush to extend. In particular, he should see how the rest of the season unfolds and if he does not or often does not play, there is no doubt that a departure should materialize …

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