Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Pochettino has offered himself two very promising reinforcements!

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Posted on January 10, 2022 at 11:30 am by GdSS

On Sunday evening, Mauricio Pochettino gave Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut their first appearance in Ligue 1, and the entry into play of the two young talents of PSG was also decisive. And the Argentinian coach will therefore be able to count on these two reinforcements for the rest of the season …

Since the start of the QSI era at PSG and the buyout of the club in 2011, a problem persists internally: the rise of young elements from the training center who, too often barred by the stars of the first team, find themselves forced into exodus to seek of playing time at the highest level. This was particularly the case in the past for Kingsley Coman, Mike Maignan, Jonathan Ikoné, Moussa Dembélé or even Tanguy Kouassi. But in recent months, it has mainly been the files < strong> Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut q ui prove to be very sensitive to PSG , the two midfielders threatening to change tune given that they did not fit into 's plansMauricio Pochettino .

Simons and Michut finally rewarded for their efforts

One week after having started in the Coupe de France in Vannes (4 -0), Edouard Michut and Xavi Simons are also entitled to their first appearance in Ligue 1 on Sunday evening on the lawn of the OL ( 1-1). A decisive choice on the part of Pochettino , especially as Michut gave an assist to Thilo Kehrer on the equalizer of PSG , and the young midfielder did not hide his satisfaction in the mixed zone after the match: “We are super happy when we enter matches like that. We had to try to bring something new and I think we were able to do it with Xavi Simons. (…) We work every day to make this kind of moment happen, ”indicated Michut . Same story with his friend, Xavi Simons : “It's nice to play this kind of meeting. We must continue to work (…) I believe that the club is trying to give young people time to play. We have a good training center and when we are given our chance, we must take advantage ”. Pochettino therefore got it right by bringing the two titis into play, offering themselves at the same time two interesting reinforcements in the first team for the rest of the season with PSG .

“They are ready for Ligue 1”

The coach of PSG has also paid tribute to Michut and Simons at a post-match press conference: “The changes have aim to bring freshness, according to the unfolding situations. Today, I'm glad they brought the enthusiasm and energy to the team that we needed. Edouard, like Xavi or Thilo, participated in the construction of the goal. They were good. I'm happy with what they brought to the team, “said Pochettino . This strong choice of the coach of PSG was also greeted by Marco Verratti in the mixed zone: “It's nice to see Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut enter this match. They are ready to play in Ligue 1 ”. It remains to be seen whether Edouard Michut and Xavi Simons will have the possibility of moving quickly with a new appearance in the first team of PSG

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