Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Pochettino, Zidane … Qatar is preparing a big operation!

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Posted January 7, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. by AM

In the pipes for several months, the arrival of Zinedine Zidane on the bench of PSG seems to take shape especially as at the same time, Mauricio Pochettino is approaching Manchester United and could therefore make his return to the Premier League.

As revealed exclusively by, the future of Mauricio Pochettino is no longer a taboo subject within the management of PSG . It must be said that the Parisians would have been particularly annoyed by the behavior of the Argentine in the face of rumors sending him to Tottenham last summer, then to Manchester United more recently. Rumors relaunched by the English press in recent days since Mauricio Pochettino remains the favorite to succeed Ralf Rangnick who is acting until the end of the season. A trend confirmed by Dominique Séverac on the set of L'Equipe du Soir. “The fact that he came back to the press conference because he was associated with Manchester United? This is not football, this is comedy. What I do know is that on the Manchester United side the leaders have made this their priority. For his part, Pochettino gave his agreement. It's January, I've seen a lot of turning points in football. We can say something in January and it does not go as planned thereafter. He won't be able to say anything to himself until the end of the season, but for me it's almost done! (…) I'm telling you what I know. Manchester United want it and they want to go… So we're not far from an agreement! », Assures the journalist of the Parisian. Otherwise, the future of Mauricio Pochettino in the medium term no longer depends on PSG .

Zidane's arrival is taking shape

But that shouldn't be a particular problem for PSG . And for good reason, the dream of Doha is to attract Zinedine Zidane , free from any contract since the end of his lease with Real Madrid . recently revealed to you that Zidane's arrival is taking shape. Long reluctant to join the club in the capital, the former number 10 of the France team is starting to change his mind, particularly in the face of the forcing of his entourage, whose adviser Alain Migliaccio . And Daniel Riolo also confirms the trend. At the end of last year, the journalist from RMC already assured that “Pochettino dropped the case and the players too … Well, it has no tail or head! I think Pochettino is over! Clearly it is burnt. I announced the arrival of Messi in early December last year. I'm not far from thinking the same for Zidane this winter. I have some info on the subject as well, and it's a very serious discussion. “Thursday evening, at the microphone of the After Foot, Daniel Riolo added a layer ensuring that Zinedine Zidane would be the future coach of PSG “No later than next June. In other words, at the end of the year, the club in the capital could experience a hell of a change.

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