Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Qatar is set for Zinedine Zidane!

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Posted on November 9, 2021 at 4:45 p.m. by BC

A big dream for Qatari leaders, Zinedine Zidane is on Manchester United’s record in the event of Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s departure. Nevertheless, the Frenchman is not expected to join the Red Devils.

Despite the results, PSG is not convincing enough to place Mauricio Pochettino in an uncomfortable situation. The Argentine finds himself at the center of criticism and some observers are not shy about calling for a change of coach. Linked to PSG until 2023, Mauricio Pochettino This could end up in an uncomfortable situation if his side do not quickly change their faces, especially as a man much appreciated by the Qataris is currently free from any contract: Zinedine Zidane. The former coach of Real Madrid would also appear in the small papers of Manchester United in the event of the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjær , but his arrival at the Red Devils would not be relevant.

Zidane should not go to Manchester United

According to information from Eurosport UK, Zinedine Zidane is not expected not take the direction of Manchester United . The former French international would obviously not be interested in the position of Ole Gunnar Solskjær and would thus have been excluded from the race by the leaders of Mancun, aware that it would be impossible for them to bet on him. PSG therefore still has its chances for Zinedine Zidane.

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