Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Real Madrid displays enormous fear for Mbappé!

Posted on November 26, 2021 at 8:45 am by HG

While Kylian Mbappé is heading straight for a free start at Real Madrid at the end of the season, the club from the Spanish capital are nevertheless wary of the entourage of the French striker.

Arrived at PSG in 2017, Kylian Mbappé seems to be playing his last months as a Parisian player. Indeed, his contract will expire on June 30 next and everything suggests that he will then leave the Ile-de-France club as he has never opened the door to an extension of his appointment for months. Thus, Kylian Mbappé will have plenty of time to fulfill his big dream of joining Real Madrid this summer. But then, while waiting for the next summer transfer window, the Spanish club would remain on their guard …

Kylian Mbappé's entourage pushes him to stay at PSG

And for good reason, if we are to believe the information revealed by Josep Pedrerol , presenter of the Spanish program El Chiringuito, the Real Madrid would have some concern with regard to the entourage of Kylian Mbappé . The Madrid club would not have any concerns with the player, who wants to play for the Merengue, but some people around him would tell him every day to stay a little longer at PSG as he is still young and has plenty of time. The will of the 22-year-old has not changed since this summer when he was already on the departure of the Parisian club, but Real Madrid would nevertheless fear that his entourage, in the long term, will not end. make him understand that his desire to leave can be fulfilled later and that his dream can still be postponed. It remains to be seen what Kylian Mbappé will think, the one and only decision maker in history.

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