Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Solskjaer responds to Pogba's rant about his future!

Posted on October 29, 2021 at 6:15 p.m. by AD

At the end of the contract on June 30, Paul Pogba would be on the cold side with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer according to the British press. Revolted by this information, which she considers to be false, La Pioche went there with her rant a few days ago. Present at a press conference this Friday, the Manchester United coach explained the anger of his number 6.

While his contract will expire on June 30, Paul Pogba could leave Manchester United freely and for free in the summer of 2022. Information that would not have escaped the < strong> PSG, and other European teams. To make matters worse for the Red Devils, Paul Pogba is said to be on bad terms with his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, which would complicate negotiations for an extension. Raised by this information, La Pioche did not fail to let it know on social networks. “The tabloid press wants to once again create controversy with 100% fake news. Big lies to make the headlines. Journalists who use my name to be seen when there is nothing to see. The only reason I bring up this bullshit is out of respect for my coach, my club and my fans to send a clear message: the less you read these people the better off you are, they have no shame and will say no. 'anything without any basis,' Paul Pogba posted as a story on Instagram recently.

“Paul Pogba came to see me, angry”

Present at a press conference this Friday, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer returned to this rant by Paul Pogba, revealing that his number 6 had expressed his anger on the subject to him. “I am more focused than ever. Players have come to see me. For example, Paul (Pogba) came to see me, angry. We expect to be criticized, because the performance was not good enough. You hear about it right, left and center. We cannot allow lies to be made up. Paul told me what he posted on social media. We're better than that, as a group the culture is better here, the environment is better, when it's blatant lies they have to stand up and say it. Opinions and reports, okay, but don't make up lies about me. (…) When you are criticized in this way, you end up in the trenches with your teammates, and it is this reaction that I have seen this week. No matter what this club has been through before, it's about coming out with courage, self-confidence, staying together and this group has done it, ”said the Manchester manager. United. It remains to be seen whether this will push Paul Pogba to initial a new lease with the Red Devils.

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