Mercato | Mercato – PSG: The door of Real Madrid is always open for Sergio Ramos!

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Posted on November 3, 2021 at 5:15 am by Th.B.

Although rumors of a possible breach of contract have been rife in recent hours, Dani Carvajal does not see such a way out for Sergio Ramos at PSG although he is open to his return.

Four months after his arrival at PSG from Real Madrid , Sergio Ramos (35 years old) has only walked the lawn of the Parc des Princes once in August during the presentation of the summer recruits of PSG . Hit in the knee and now in the calf, Ramos has never been able to compete in the slightest minute under his new red and blue colors of Paris Saint Germain . So that according to Le Parisien, a termination of his contract would be an option that could be considered by the management of PSG although nothing suggests for the moment that it would be studied in the future close. Former Ramos teammate at Real Madrid , Dani Carvajal launched an appeal from foot at number 4 of the PSG.

“I would receive him with open arms”

“He is sure to be the first to want to come back. I don't think anyone doubts Sergio's professionalism. I don't think a club like PSG is breaking their contract. I would receive him with open arms ”. Dani Carvajal said during his press conference on Tuesday.

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