Mercato | Mercato – PSG: The future of Angel Di Maria already written?

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Posted on 24th October 2021 at 6:00 am by TM

Currently, Angel Di Maria is under contract until 2022 with PSG. A story that should not end at the end of this season, however.

Arrived at PSG in 2015, Angel Di Maria is today an important member of the club of the capital. This is why in March, the Argentine signed a new contract with PSG . As Di Maria came to the end of his lease, he extended his adventure to Paris , now under contract until 2022, while having an additional year as an option. And this one could well be lifted sooner or later…

Di Maria is happy in Paris!

Angel Di Maria and PSG therefore have the possibility of extending their relationship until 2023. And that could well be the case. Indeed, during an interview with Téléfoot, El Fideo expressed all its joy to evolve today at PSG , dropping: “Signing in Paris was the best decision. of my life to come here. The city, the people… One of my daughters was even born here… And suddenly, I decided to stay two more seasons when I was at the end of my contract because my family is very happy here and that's why all these reasons that we are very happy ”. Statements that say a lot about the situation of Di Maria in Paris . And his willingness to stay there as long as possible?

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