Mercato | Mercato – PSG: The huge exit of Pierre Ménès on an arrival of Paqueta in Paris!

Posted on January 11, 2022 at 7.45 am by BC

While Leonardo would like to recover Lucas Paqueta from PSG, Pierre Ménès is not convinced by the arrival of the OL player in the capital.

Since his birth in Brazil, Lucas Paqueta has been a favorite of Leonardo . The current sporting director of PSG is behind his arrival at AC Milan in 2019 and wanted to get him back in 2020, but the Auriverde international ultimately chose to join OL . A choice that did not encourage Leonardo to drop the case since according to L'Équipe, Lucas Paqueta would be one of the priority targets of PSG for the next season. What absolutely does not convince Pierre Ménès .

“What need does PSG have to take Paqueta? “

” PSG, we can see that they are on Paqueta. But what need does PSG have to take Paqueta? While you already have Neymar, Messi, Di Maria. You can only play with forwards. This is a bit of the bling-bling problem. You want glitter. At some point, PSG will have to recruit darker, more defensive players and that may be a problem with the functioning of the club, ”said Pierre Ménès on his blog.

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