Mercato | Mercato – PSG: The Lionel Messi case is already talking a lot in Paris …

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Posted on November 26, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. by GdSS

While he has shown irregular performances since joining PSG last summer, Lionel Messi remains one of the big puzzles of this start to the season in the capital. But the former glory of FC Barcelona remains nevertheless very defended in its environment despite its level of play…

Flagship recruit of the transfer window summer 2021 of PSG after reaching the end of his contract with FC Barcelona , Lionel Messi was therefore inevitably expected at the turn for this new challenge. But since his arrival, the Argentine striker has struggled to display his best face as evidenced by his unconvincing statistics in Ligue 1 (1 goal and 1 assist), even if he is much more efficient in the Champions League. (3 goals and 1 assist). But the shock against Manchester City Wednesday night was once again disappointing for Lionel Messi , which seems far from its best years in Barcelona. But is it a question of integration into PSG for La Pulga?

“My adaptation was very fast”

Recently interviewed in the columns of Marca, Lionel Messi confided directly on his integration into PSG and seemed very calm on the subject: “I had the chance to enter a locker room with very good players and very good people. This is the most important thing. My adaptation was very quick, “said the Argentine forward, who has gone through a major change after spending his entire career at Barcelona : “It's true that at the beginning, it was very strange. On the one hand, there is the difficulty of changing places after so many years in the same place, but on the other hand, it was very easy because I knew a lot of players and we talk a lot there. spanish. There are some very good people. It's a tight-knit locker room, you could see it from the outside and that's something that I've been able to confirm now that I've entered it, ”Messi explained. The number 30 of PSG therefore remains serene on the question, and he is not the only one…

Anelka defends the recruitment of Messi

Nicolas Anelka , former scorer for PSG and France team , spoke about the Messi case in RMC Sport microphone: “Was it a mistake to recruit him?” I do not think so. We still have to wait. What we saw today is not Barcelona’s Messi. He is not yet at his level. Is it because of the injuries? I do not know. Is it because it's a new club, new teammates? I do not know either. But we are entitled to ask for more. And the supporters too, “said the former French striker, who therefore meets the expectations around the Argentine striker. It remains to be seen whether Messi will be able to quickly regain the heights with PSG .

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