Mercato | Mercato – PSG: The Pochettino clan at the origin of a terrible blow?

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Posted November 27, 2021 at 4:45 pm by BC

While Leonardo confirmed Mauricio Pochettino in his post this Friday, the Argentinian would not be so fulfilled at PSG. In fact, it was his entourage who was behind the leaks in the press.

Announced with insistence on the side of Manchester United , Mauricio Pochettino will stay at PSG , at least for the time being. While recently revealed to you that the Argentinian's future was the subject of internal debates, information confirmed by several media, Leonardo assured AFP this Friday that the departure by Mauricio Pochettino was out of date: “We don't want Pochettino to go. He never asked to leave and no club contacted us in relation to him. However, the future of Pochettino remains uncertain, as his contract runs until June 2023 with PSG . Indeed, the Argentinian would be far from being fulfilled in the capital.

Pochettino's relatives at the origin of the leaks?

As Goal explains this Saturday, c 'is the entourage of Mauricio Pochettino who would be at the origin of the many rumors concerning Manchester United and the desires elsewhere of the Argentinian. Pochettino 's uneasiness in Paris would therefore be real, he who has still lived at the hotel since his arrival last January and who maintains complicated relations with Leonardo . Although the two men are not cold, their relationship would not be smooth, which could then encourage a departure at the end of the season.

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