Mercato | Mercato – PSG: The Pogba clan is fed up with its future!

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Posted on November 6, 2021 at 11:30 am by Th.B.

Target of criticism from consultants in particular, Paul Pogba would have had enough of being talked about for his contractual situation at Manchester United while the club would have refused to extend it. The succession of events could lead to a free departure next June. What to do with PSG business?

At the end of the contract on June 30, Paul Pogba has still not extended to Manchester United while PSG would like to secure their services for free at the end of the season. This earned him incessant criticism from observers as evidenced by this recent statement by Paul Scholes , Manchester United legend turned consultant, following the player’s expulsion during the rout at Old Trafford against Liverpool . “With all the commotion, the fact that he didn't sign his contract, that he almost held the club to ransom, and then he comes in and does something like that.” However, according to The Daily Mail, Paul Pogba is said to have called for a contract extension in 2019, and has not seen his wishes come true. This created the current contractual situation with in the midst of it all an interest from PSG in him landing as a free agent next summer.

Pogba is said to be fed up with criticism of his future as United have refused to extend it when they wanted

Moreover, Manchester United only offered a concrete contract offer to Paul Pogba , and what more would have occurred this summer. Enough to leave the Pogba clansuccumb to the irritation. Within his environment, we would blame the choice of Manchester United to simply activate the clause for an additional year when Pogba wished to extend his adventure. In addition, those close to him have reportedly assured The Daily Mail that the world champion would never have wanted to become a free agent. Critics on this subject would annoy Pogba to the highest point., as well as the Fake News that the player recently knocked out on his social networks.

“The tabloid press wants to once again create controversy with 100% fake news. Big lies to make the headlines. Journalists who use my name to be seen when there is nothing to see. The only reason I'm bringing up this bullshit is out of respect for my coach, my club and my fans to send a clear message: the less you read these people the better off you are, they have no shame and will say no. 'anything without any basis'. PSG could therefore take advantage of this situation at the end of the season if nothing changes. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this operation will be from now on. Who from PSG , Real Madrid , Juventus , FC < strong> Barcelona or Manchester United will be able to count on Paul Pogba next season?

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