Mercato | Mercato – PSG: The strong announcement of Sergio Ramos on the signing of Messi!

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Posted on November 29, 2021 at 9:15 am by AD

During the last summer transfer window, Lionel Messi left FC Barcelona freely and for free to join PSG. A news that fills Sergio Ramos with happiness, and he made it known.

At the end of the contract with FC Barcelona on June 30, Lionel Messi tried to find a solution with Joan Laporta for long weeks to get back on track . However, the two men failed to agree to continue their cohabitation together at Barça. Forced to find a new club, Leo Messi chose to join PSG freely and for free. Arrived a little earlier in the club of the capital, Sergio Ramos is happy to defend the same colors as La Pulga.

“He's a unique player and it's a privilege to have him on the team”

In an interview with ESPN, Sergio Ramos expressed his happiness to play with Lionel Messi at PSG. “How do I see Leo Messi? He's in good shape and I think he's the kind of player who really makes a difference. He's a unique player and it's a privilege to have him on the team. I think that little by little each of us will bring our own quality to make Paris Saint-Germain even bigger and achieve the things we want to achieve, ”said Sergio Ramos. Here is a message which should please Lionel Messi.

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