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Posted on January 9, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. by Th.B.

Announced on Arsenal's side with a return to the Premier League on loan being an option he would like, Georginio Wijnaldum is expected at the Gunners by club legend Ian Wright. However, the PSG midfielder is reportedly not intending to change tune this winter.

During the first half of June, Georginio Wijnaldum arrived at PSG , free from any contract after his commitment to Liverpool came to an end. He was the first of six summer recruits from PSG and the first free agent to drop off his bags in Paris Saint Germain before Sergio Ramos , Gianluigi Donnarumma and Lionel Messi . However, although his adaptation to the group does not seem to have been a problem, the sporting reality is quite different. Admittedly, the Dutch midfielder has taken part in all three of his last four games with PSG . However, his first part of the season does not make him a fixture in the starting lineup of Mauricio Pochettino at PSG despite the close bond between the two men, the former Tottenham coach having tried to recruit him in the summer of 2016 before the ex-Newcastle player finally signed to Liverpool . What if a return to the Premier League allowed Georginio Wijnaldum to go back to basics and relaunch in a championship he is particularly familiar with? Sky Sports recently spoke of the Dutchman's desire to return on loan to England's top flight where he would like to regain playing time while Arsenal keep an eye on his sporting situation. And among the Gunners, Wijnaldum already seems to be popular.

Arsenal legend welcomes Wijnaldum with open arms!

True Arsenal legend and top scorer in Gunners history before a certain Thierry Henry does not dethrone him, Ian Wright is an active follower of 'Arsenal and is found at the heart of club news. For the “No More Red” initiative which serves to raise public awareness of juvenile delinquency in London when the numbers of stabbing murders among young people have reached records in 2021 in the English capital , Ian Wright took part in the awareness campaign, along with actor Idris Elba . And during The Kelly and Wrighty Show and in comments relayed by The Daily Mail, Wright conveyed the following message regarding the potential arrival of Georginio Wijnaldum at Arsenal in the form of a loan this winter. “I saw Wijnaldum's name linked to Arsenal. That would be great. A signature on loan from PSG. Someone like that in the midfield. With this experience. He won the Premier League. Just to help the young people and a Sambi Lokonga to keep it going. Then they can strengthen the team and all of a sudden Arsenal can start to seriously fight for titles ”. However, the hopes of Ian Wright could be short-lived since Wijnaldum would seem not to cultivate any desires elsewhere at the moment T .

Wijnaldum wants to succeed at PSG and dismisses the idea of ​​returning on loan to the Premier League!

At least that is what Saber Desfarges communicated on his Twitter account overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Indeed, according to the journalist, Georginio Wijnaldum would be keen to reverse the trend and win at PSG after a more than sluggish debut within the club from the capital. Worse, and while the English press has asserted with confidence lately that a return on loan to the Premier League would be a possibility explored by the Wijnaldum clan, the entourage of the Dutch international would have denied a such an eventuality to Saber Desfarges as the journalist points out in his tweet in question. Arsenal and other Premier League teams therefore seem to be forced to close the Wijnaldum chapter, at least for now …

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