Mercato | Mercato – PSG: This big confirmation from Bartomeu about Messi …

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Posted October 21, 2021 at 7.15 am by AM

The former president of FC Barcelona has brought big revelations in the Messi file. Decryption.

During an interview with Tv3, the former president of FC Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed that in July 2020 he had found common ground in principle with Lionel Messi for a contract extension: “In July 2020, I concluded a agreement with Messi to renew for two years, but everything broke. We will have to ask Messi why ”. How to decipher the words of Bartomeu ?

What Bartomeu probably has in mind …

In his formulation, the former president blaugrana suggests that there is a very precise reason for this change of course of Messi . Between the lines, he actually suggests that the Argentinian would have postponed his extension for electoral reasons, in order to favor the departure of Bartomeu , with whom he had an appalling relationship, to install Laporta instead, of which it is very close. Even if he makes no such claim, the implication of Bartomeu inevitably leads to this kind of conclusion.

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