Mercato | Mercato – PSG: This terrible revelation on the Pochettino soap opera!

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Posted on November 23, 2021 at 6:45 p.m. by AD

While Mauricio Pochettino could slip away to Manchester United in the near future, PSG are said to be preparing for their potential departure since May. Knowing that Tottenham would have liked to repatriate the Argentine, the Parisian management would have tightened the screw. And fortunately for the club of the capital, Mauricio Pochettino would not have really been convinced by the idea of ​​finding the Spurs.

Arrived at PSG in January 2021, Mauricio Pochettino could have packed his bags after only a few months spent in Paris. Indeed, the Argentine coach was announced at the start at the end of last season. While his name was notably linked to Tottenham, Mauricio Pochettino finally remained at PSG. And only a few months later, the former Spurs technician would be back in starting instance. But this time, PSG is ready to let it go, as revealed to you exclusively on November 9.

PSG has been preparing for the departure of Pochettino since May

This Tuesday evening, Marca brought new details of size on the soap opera Pochettino. And to To believe the Spanish media, the PSG would prepare for a departure of its Argentine coach since May. While Tottenham would have liked to repatriate Mauricio Pochettino, the capital club would have completely closed the door, before realizing that his coach was not really convinced by the idea to return to Spurs.

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