Mercato | Mercato – PSG: This thunderous revelation on the Pochettino soap opera!

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Posted on November 22, 2021 at 2:15 p.m. by AD

Engaged until June 30 with PSG, Mauricio Pochettino would like to return to the Premier League. While Manchester United would currently make his eyes soft, the Argentine technician would have already wanted to leave Paris last summer.

Arrived at PSG in January 2020, Mauricio Pochettino is currently under contract until June 30, 2023. And yet, he could not go to end of his engagement with the Parisian club. As revealed to you exclusively, the upper echelons of PSG present at Doha dream of installing Zinedine Zidane on their bench after Mauricio Pochettino. And according to our information from November 9, the departure of the Argentinian technician is no longer a taboo subject at PSG. Knowing that Manchester United would be on his footsteps, Mauricio Pochettino would be ready to take up this challenge because he would like to make his comeback in Premier League. Moreover, the former Tottenham would have even wanted to leave PSG in the summer of 2021.

< h2> Pochettino wanted to leave PSG in the summer of 2021

According to the indiscretions of Foot Mercato, disclosed this Monday afternoon, Mauricio Pochettino would indeed like to make his return to England. And to believe the French media, the current coach of PSG would have even wanted to change club last summer. It remains to be seen whether he will finally leave in the near future.

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