Mercato | Mercato – PSG: will Zinedine Zidane succeed Mauricio Pochettino?

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Posted January 8, 2022 at 8:00 am by La Rédaction

After announcing Lionel Messi's arrival at PSG, Daniel Riolo said Zinedine Zidane would also be arriving in the capital. As announced by, the French coach is the big goal of the Qataris. But according to you, will Zidane join PSG?

If Mauricio Pochettino was confirmed in office at the end of last year by Leonardo , this does not mean that the Argentine is guaranteed to honor his contract until June 2023 with PSG . As revealed to you on, his departure is no longer ruled out by the Qatari staff, while the track Manchester United remains relevant for him, according to the English press. Mauricio Pochettino could therefore pack up soon, especially as the top priority of Qatari priority is free from any contract: Zinedine Zidane . Enjoying his free time after leaving Real Madrid last May, the Frenchman no longer ruled out the possibility of taking over the Paris team, thanks in particular to the pressure of Alain Migliaccio , his historical advisor. According to information disclosed by on December 17, PSG is thus progressing step by step in the Zidane case, and this could soon accelerate.

Zidane at PSG?

After being one of the first to announce the arrival of Lionel Messi there is just over a year old, Daniel Riolo dropped a new bomb at RMC's microphone on Thursday night. In After Foot, the journalist has indeed indicated with some assurance that Zinedine Zidane will succeed Mauricio Pochettino on the bench of PSG , “no later than next June. “A trend confirmed in the wake by Andres Onrubia Ramos , journalist at AS:” PSG wants Zidane to be their coach, in hiring, at the latest, in June. As we revealed to you a few days ago, the arrival of Zinedine Zidane to PSG is therefore taking shape, although the Frenchman is taking advantage for the time of his free time with his family and that other options may soon be available to him.

So in your opinion, will Zinedine Zidane succeed Mauricio Pochettino ? To your votes!

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