Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Zidane, Pochettino… Pierre Ménès evokes the revolution of the QSI project!

Posted on November 24, 2021 at 3:15 am by G.d.S.S.

While Zinedine Zidane is a big favorite to come to compensate for a possible departure of Mauricio Pochettino on the PSG bench, Pierre Ménès gives his point of view on this situation.

“I am well in Paris. I know well, all my life as a player or a coach, I have lived through this kind of situation. Things are happening, it's not my responsibility. What I will say if you ask me, I am happy in Paris ”, indicated Mauricio Pochettino Tuesday on RMC Sport in order to calm the rumors about his desire to leave PSG to join Manchester United . However, behind the scenes, the situation seems much more explosive and as revealed to you exclusively, the management of PSG is already looking into the post- Pochettino with the track leading to Zinedine Zidane . A replacement which should not pose a problem as noted by Pierre Ménès on his blog, Pierrot Le Foot.

“If PSG can recover Zidane …”

< p> “We will still have to watch PSG with Pochettino who would seem, and I say would seem to be tempted by Manchester United. It is obvious that if PSG can get Zidane behind the problem will not arise, “said Pierre Ménès on the coach's soap opera at PSG .

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