Mercato | Mercato – Real Madrid: An appointment already made for the future of Karim Benzema?

Posted on November 21, 2021 at 11:00 am by HG

As Karim Benzema's contract expires on June 30, 2023, Real Madrid are already considering extending their French striker.

Real Madrid have enormous confidence in Karim Benzema , and that is why the Spanish club have chosen to extend it until June 2023 before the start of this 2021/2022 season. Usually, the Merengues extend their 30-year-old players during the season, year after year, while waiting to see their performances in their final months under contract. The choice made with Karim Benzema was therefore different and is akin to a strong message from the management of Real Madrid towards his striker of 33 years.

Discussions will take place with Karim Benzema in 2022

And obviously, another strong message could soon be sent to Karim Benzema , testifying there again the confidence of Real Madrid in him. Indeed, AS explained this Sunday that discussions should take place during the year 2022 to extend his contract once again. Thus, the Casa Blanca is already thinking of offering him a new engagement. To see how the negotiations go when they start, even if there should not be a problem a priori.

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