Mercato | Mercato – Real Madrid: Ancelotti can close with a big blow to 18M €!

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Posted on December 5, 2021 at 11:10 p.m. by A.D.

Struggling with Wolverhampton, Adama Traore is reportedly looking for a new club. While he would like to play at Real Madrid, the Spanish striker has reportedly offered his services to Florentino Pérez. However, President Merengue should not move his little finger for Adama Traore. For its part, Barça would no longer think of repatriating its former player.

Back to FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi would activate behind the scenes to strengthen its workforce. Indeed, the Spanish coach would have identified several profiles, including that of Adama Traore in attack. However, the resident of Wolverhampton would prefer to join another cador of the Spanish Liga : Real Madrid.

Adama Traore wants snub Barça for Real Madrid

According to information from El Nacional, Wolverhampton would no longer really rely on Adama Traore. While his striker has become a replacement, the English club would like to get rid of him to recover a nice envelope. Knowing that Adama Traore has lost value, Wolves would like to pocket a check for € 18m for his sale. Having become undesirable in Wolverhampton, Adama Traore is said to be in search of a new base. And to believe the Catalan media, he would like to return to Spain by committing to Real Madrid as a priority. With this in mind, the player's agent would have offered his services to Carlo Ancelotti. However, the coach of Real Madrid should not take action on this file, since he would not have indicated his intention to make an offer. For its part, FC Barcelona would have totally forgotten the idea of ​​recruiting Adama Traore, especially since the player would favor a departure from Real Madrid, rather than a return to Catalonia.

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