Mercato | Mercato – Real Madrid: Karim Benzema is far from done with Real Madrid!

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Posted October 21, 2021 at 6.30 a.m. by Th.B.

Seeming to have reached an unexplored level until recently in view of his performances at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema is about to become the great player he told Canal + which forces him to continue to the Casa Blanca. Explanations.

Since his professional debut with the 'OL first team in 2005, when he signed his first professional contract, Karim Benzema has always made sure to mark with his paw each of the meetings he has played. And since his arrival in 2009 at Real Madrid , where his first steps were complicated since he was barred by competition from Gonzalo Higuain in particular, Benzema has totally changed his approach to matches and his physical preparation. And especially in the last few years when it has literally exploded. Enough to make him a contender for the 2021 Ballon d'Or at the age of 33. Having recently extended his contract until June 2023 at Real Madrid , Benzema does not want to leave until he fulfills one of his goals.

“As long as I do not succeed, that I do not become a great player, I will not leave”

“In my head, as long as I do not succeed, that I don't become a great player, I won't leave. I was not doing enough indoor work. I didn't care what I ate. I did not realize that at Real, you should not only perform well for matches but also for everything that happened next (…) Me it came little by little. I became aware 3-4 years ago, at 30 ”. Karim Benzema confided in an interview with Canal +.

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