Mercato | Mercato – Real Madrid: The big announcement of the Bale clan on its future!

Posted on November 25, 2021 at 7:00 am by AD

At the end of his contract on June 30 with Real Madrid, Gareth Bale is expected to pack his bags and change clubs in 2022. However, as explained by his agent Jonathan Barnett, the Welsh international is happy in the capital Spanish.

Arrived as a big star in the summer of 2013, Gareth Bale has seen his status deteriorate over the years at Real Madrid. While he has not managed to evolve at his highest level for several seasons, the Welsh international has become an undesirable in the White House. Indeed, the management of Real Madrid have tried to get rid of Gareth Bale permanently on several occasions, without success. And while he will be out of contract on June 30, the former Tottenham would inevitably change clubs in 2022. And yet, Gareth Bale would not be excited by this idea.

“Gareth Bale enjoys living with his family in Madrid, he is happy here”

In an interview with Deportes Cuatro, Jonathan Barnett a explained that Gareth Bale was fulfilled in Madrid, despite what one might think. “Gareth Bale enjoys living with his family in Madrid. He is happy here. We'll see what happens, ”said Gareth Bale's agent.

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